Logo aims to play up Peach State's blueberries

Trying to better familiarize buyers with their berries, Georgia’s blueberry industry is introducing a new logo.

The Georgia Blueberry Commission released the logo for use by packers.

Commission chairman Joe Cornelius, president of J&B Blueberry Farms Inc., Manor, Ga., said he recently talked with a Chicago distributor-handler who was surprised to learn blueberries come from Georgia, as the buyer purchases his berries from Naturipe Farms LLC co-owner MBG Marketing, Grand Junction, Mich., which markets Cornelius’ berries.

With Georgia becoming the No. 3 blueberry growing state, Cornelius said the industry hopes the logo will help Georgia gain some publicity and show marketers, brokers and buyers that Georgia remains important in blueberry production.

“Many people don’t realize that Georgia is a berry producing state,” he said. “These people have been buying our products for years either through a Florida or Michigan broker or salesman. People glance at the sales company’s address rather than the state of Georgia even though every box says grown in Georgia.”

The logo is the first for the relatively new commission that was formed in 1999. The commission is marketed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Atlanta.

Cornelius characterized winter and early spring growing season weather as highly favorable and said he expects a strong season, which usually starts in late April with small volumes and ramps up in May and runs through June.


from The Packer - March 3, 2011